Sangguniang Bayan Members



1st councilor ryan d. tabanay1Hon. Ryan D. Tabanay

2nd councilor manuel c. lalaguna1Hon. Manuel C. Lalaguna

3rd councilor rene g. molina1Hon. Rene G. Molina

4th councilor carlfred r. respicio1Hon. Carlfred R. Respicio

5th councilor cesar rafael l. ipongHon. Cesar Rafael L. Ipong

6th councilor pedro L. ang1Hon. Pedro L. Ang

7th councilor madonna I. dizon1Hon. Madonna I. Dizon

8th councilor katherine d. dela cruz1Hon. Katherine D. Dela Cruz

 ABC president alfredo d. hapay1Hon. Alfredo D. Hapay – ABC President

IP representative ienvenido g. macalos1Hon. Bienvenido G. Macalos – 1st IP Representative

The leadership history of the Municipality of Makilala which reins changed hands for about ten times – among them three Officers-in-Charge.

Few people now still living could lay claim they were in all those stages of our evolution as a community. Indeed how many of us were there when our first appointed mayor, the late and fondly remembered Hon. Ireneo “Lolo Akong” Castro took his oath of Office in 1954?  Likewise, who among us can say they witnessed how the legendary undefeated 16-year Mayor Ricardo “Tatay Kardo” Ipong, walked with his family to the poblacion Church during Sundays? In those times of the dirt roads in the early 1960’s, the gap between vehicles plying the Davao-Cotabato national highway could be hours. Chance is we were not even in the wombs of our mothers then!

To date, eleven (11) local chief executives (LCE’s), in various types of assumption, took office. With no exemption, everyone professed his love of country and the commitment to serve. As always, such are the kind of stuff that campaign promises are made of. And such are the kind of substance that the electorate are wont to judge, or choose not to.

As we move on through borrowed time, may we never forget that transparency, full accountability, and particupatory decision-making are components of good governance that can only find meaning among people who know they are true makers of history. Absent this, local governance will be like a ship with engines conked out, adrift at sea!

We have hit the road running, let us keep on going!