Executive Orders

2010-001 Reorganizing and Amending Section 1 of E.O. No. 004 Series of 2009 of  the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)
2010-002 AnOrder Creating the BIDS and Awrds Committee (BAC) Secretariate
2010-003 Reorganizing the Indigenous People’s Council and Amending  Executive Order No. 07, series of 2002
2010-004 Reorganizing and amending Section of E.O. no. 001 Series of 2010 of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)
2010-005 Reorganizing the Task Force for Food and Asset Program (World Food Program)
2010-006 Creating the Technical Working Group for the Flagship Project
2010-007 Creating the Information Technology Team
2010-008 Creation for the Makilala Sports Committee
2010-009 Reorganizing and Strengthening the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) Committee
2010-010 Constituting the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council (MDCC) and its staff and Service units
2010-011 Creation and Reorganizing of the municipal local school Board
2010-012 Reorganinzing and Creation of the Personnel Selection Board of the Municipality of Makilala
2010-013 Reorganinzing and Strengthening of Municipal Local Development Council
2010-014 Creation and stregthening of Municipal local peace and order council
2010-015 Creation and organinzing the Municipal local Health Board
2010-016 Creation and Organizing the local council for the protection of children
2010-017 Constituting and organizing the Municipal housing and resstlement board of the Municipality of Makilala
2010-018 Creation and stregthening the PMT of the Municipality
2010-019 Establishing and maintaining the gender and development focal points
2010-020 Reorganizing  and Strengthening the Municipal Project Monitoring Committee
2010-021 Establishing the adopt a family program in the Municipality of Makilala
2010-022 Oranization and Strengthening of the Local Council of Women
2010-023 Strengthening and Reorganizing of the Municipality of Makilala Sports Committee
2010-024 Creation and Organization of the Municipal Investment Incentive Board
2010-025 Creation and Organization of the local Verification Committee
2010-026 Reorganizing and Stregthening the Clean, Green and Beautification Team of the Municipality of Makilala
2010-027 Creation of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
2010-028 Creation and Organization of the task force to review the 2005 Municipal Revenue Code of the Municipality of Makilala
2010-029 Creation and Organization of Inventory, Appraisal and Disposal Committee
2010-030 Creation and Organization of Local Committees on Anti-Trafficking and Violence against Women and their children
2010-031 An order organinzing the CLUP-Municipal Planning Team and Creating the Technical Working Group (TWG) Makilala, Cotabato
2010-032 Creation of the Subproject Implementation Unit (SPIU) for the Municipal Development Fund project
2010-033 An order initiating the peace project of Makilala, Cotabato
2010-034 Creation on the BIDS and AWARDS COMMITTEE (BAC)
2010-035 Creating the Municipal HIV-AIDS COUNCIL on the MUNICIPALITY OF MAKILALA
2010-036 Organizing of  business licensing permit system technical working group (BPLS-TWS)
2010-037 Constituting and organizing the municipal housing and resettlement board of the municipality of makilala
2010-038 Organizing the municipal nutrition council
2010-039 Organizing the technical working group for the accreditation and developmet of an lgu initiated tesda training center
2010-040 Creating the municipal advisory committee (mac) of the pantawid pamilyang pilipino program in the municipality of makilala
2010-041 Reorganizing the Local Council for the Protection of Children
2010-042 Organization of the Joint Inspection Team
2010-043 An order creating the Composition of the grievance Committee of the Municipal Government of Makilala
2010-044 An order establishing the composition of Personnel Selection Board (PSB) of the Municipality of Makilala, Provice of Cotabato
2010-045 An order creating the program on awards and Incentives for service excellence (PRAISE) committee of the Municipal government of Makilala
2010-046 An order amending E.O 040, and creating the (MAC) and Municipal Action Committee of the Pantawid Pamilyang  Pilipino Program