DSC_4090The LGU Makilala successfully culminated the observance of Nutrition Month by conducting health related activities held Tuesday morning, August 1, 2017 at the Primitivo Martinez Gymnasium in the Municipality of Makilala.

The activities started with a parade, participated by the LGU employees and its heads of offices and line agencies, members of the faculty and students of the Makilala Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), who wore their respective office color attire before they proceeded to the gymnasium for the program and other games.

The highlights of the activities were the cooking contest and the sports games.

The Municipal Engineering Office won the cooking contest while the MIST Senior High School Department was declared champion after the College department and Sanggunian Bayan settled only for second place. Invited judges for the cooking contest were Local Housing Program & Special Projects Coordinator Mrs. Porferia C. Lapitan, Municipal Councilor Katherine Dela Cruz, who used to chair the SB Committee on Health and DOH 12 Development Management Officer, Mercita J. Salamida, RN, RM while the Barangay Nutrition Scholars umpired the sports games.

Ms. Lovie Ysulan, who acted as the Municipal Nutrition Coordinator extended gratitude to all the participants for the success of the activities during the whole month of nutrition, including the Zumba dance exercises.

DSC_4171Ms. Ysulan attributed the success to the unwavering support of the LGU officials, led by Mayor Rudy Caoagdan and the employees in participation with the whole MIST family.

Ms. Ysulan added that the objective of the said activities was to promote the values of good nutrition and physical exercises for individuals to stay healthy for life.

Accordingly, the Nutrition Program of the LGU has reached different barangays of Makilala to reduce malnutrition incidents especially among children aged 0-71 months and communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension among adults.

Ms. Ysulan wished that the awareness of the people of Makilala on healthy diets would translate into becoming a habit of every Makilaleno to eat nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits and perform physical exercises to maintain healthy living. Jpb///


Photos taken during the activities.

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