Makilala LGU signs CNA with MLGU –EU

12814464_551015608391995_770900710508467267_nIn a simple signing ceremony, the Local Government Unit of Makilala headed by the Local Chief Executive Mayor Rudy Caoagdan signed the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) with the Makilala Local Government Unit – Employees Union (MLGU-EU) president Patricio Sebandal and with the heads of agencies of the LGU.

According to Mrs. Delia Sales, during a series of negotiation meeting conducted last year between the negotiating panel of MLGU-EU and the Municipal government of Makilala both parties were able to come up with an agreement that would serve the best interest of both parties.

Mrs. Sales said that the CNA promotes a harmonious relationship between the employees and the employer in terms of public interest, and ethics that would ensure the support of the Municipal government for the affairs and activities of the union.

The agreement ensures the protection, promotion, placement of employees in accordance with the provisions of the civil service law and as provided in the mandates of the Local Government Unit.

Mayor Rudy Caoagdan on the other hand emphasized the importance of the Human Resource in a local government as it ensures the continues flow of basic services to the community and provide the needs of the constituents.

Mayor Caoagdan furthermore said that he is partial in favor of the employees as he had been an employee for the past 26 years as a municipal budget officer.

Mayor Caoagdan assured the employees union of his support but at the same time reminded them of the guidelines as mandated on the Personal Services limitations stipulated by law.

Mayor Caoagdan also reminded the employees of their commitment in helping and rendering services to the people whom they serve in showing respect and living the very essence of serving others.

MLGU-EU President Sebandal said that the union is thankful that the agreement has now been signed as it would serve as a basis in accordance with the civil service law in providing the benefits and privileges of the union. /ocdeseo /photo by Jun Allado