Mayor Caoagdan Challenges MIST students – your future is in your hands

DSC_8755On the 1st pinning and candle lighting ceremony of the 28 midwifery students of the Makilala Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Mayor Rudy Caoagdan challenged the student populace to take a stand in proving that the establishment of the school is a worthy investment of the taxpayers money.
The pioneering 28 midwifery students of MIST were pinned by their loved ones and escorted during the candle lighting with the theme “ Upgrading Midwifery Education Towards Quality Midwifery Service” which draw some emotional moments of happiness and thankfulness in front of a cheering crowd of over 1,400 students, parents, and faculty electrifying the Makilala Gym where the activity was held last December 10, 2015
According to MIST President Gerry Rigonan that based on the certification of the academic Vice President of MIST the midwifery students have satisfactorily completed the requirements for the Related Learning experience and are qualified to participants in the clinic and hospital exposures.
The twenty eight were enthused by Mayor Caoagdan to finished their course and become a catalyst and instrument in protecting the lives of every mother that is giving birth and the baby that they carry as a primary concern paving the way for them to see the light of day in life.
Mayor Caoagdan said that LGU Makilala is spending government funds for them with the hope and prayers that they would pay it back by studying hard and finishing up their school.
“Kayo ang magdadala sa ating bayan ng magandang kinabukasan upang guminhawa ang inyong buhay at sa susunod pang mga henerasyon ng Makilala,” Mayor Caoagdan said.
“We can only say that MIST has succeeded after we see that your life has changed for the better, which is why your success is in your hands.”
“It is not easy to be poor but it is harder if we remain poor all our life, so let us take it as a challenge, so study harder and work harder to pursue your dreams,” Mayor Caoagdan added.
Midwifery Student Abigail Nacorda could not contain her emotions as she narrated, that she had stopped for three years now in pursuing her college dreams but MIST made a way for her to pursue that dream in order to help her parent’s difficult predicament in life.
Ms. Nacorda was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness in the establishment of MIST as it opens opportunities for them to create a brighter future.
List of Midwifery students:
1. Bacson, Marcel V.
2. Barro, Leymie A.
3. Carbon, Arvelyn N.
4. Cervantes, Virgil Christine M.
5. Delima, Celvir Mae T.
6. Delima, Vanessa G.
7. Embodo, Ma. Kristine M.
8. Espartero, Janice S.
9. Gazo, Jocelyn P.
10. Lutang, Sheila Mae I.
11. Maluenda, Elvie Q.
12. Mascariñas, Jhelhen B.
13. Manuel, Lheirthia Jhane G.
14. Molon, Flora Mae A.
15. Monleon, Jenny Joy D.
16. Monleon, Mary Grace L.
17. Muñez, Ma. Glenda J.
18. Nacorda, Abegail C.
19. Obial, Rejie T.
20. Oguit, Reyna Joy B.
21. Oniot, Rosene A.
22. Peralta, Milfie B.
23. Quiboyen, Joan P.
24. Rulona, Via B.
25. Samson, Eilleen C.
26. Satam, Jan Paul S.
27. Villarin, Gene Mar A.
28. Villegas, Jessel C.