Mayor Caoagdan commends Makilala MPS for a job well done for 2015

IMG_1561aDuring last Monday January 4,2016 morning briefings with the Makilala Municipal Police Station (MPS), Mayor Rudy Caoagdan conveyed his utmost congratulations and gratitude to the members of Makilala MPS for a “job well done” in their undertakings in keeping the peace and order condition of Makilala for the year 2015.
And to effectively strengthen the communication capability of Makilala MPS Mayor Caoagdan donated additional Seventeen (17) handheld radios to be given to members of the station.
Mayor Caoagdan said that the additional hand held radios will effectively ensure a faster communication to respond to the needs of Makilala constituents.
IMG_1562Mayor Caoagdan reminded the Makilala MPS that since its election season to just continually focus on their job in keeping the peace and order of Makilala and not to be sidetracked at being involved in politics during the political intramurals but by keeping their personal opinions and sentiments within themselves.
According to Mayor Caoagdan, 2015 is a fruitful year in terms of accomplishments for LGU Makilala in responding to the need of Makilaleňos in bringing the basic services to the community.
Mayor Caoagdan attributed the progress and development of Makilala the strong and collaborative efforts of all sectors of community working in partnership with the Local government unit.
“Ang pagtutulungan ng bawat hanay ng ating pamahalaan ang instrumento para sa matagumpay na implementasyon ng mga proyekto na tugon sa pangangailangan ng ating sambayanan,” Mayor Caoagdan said.