Mayor Caoagdan lauds Karancho’s contribution towards Makilala’s progress and development

DSC_6735Makilala Mayor Rudy Caoagdan commended the members of The Kabayan Riders’ Association for New Cultural Harmony and Order (Karancho) Makilala chapter for their laudable efforts and contribution as partners for development of Makilala.

Mayor Caoagdan applauded the Karancho’s achievement in terms of collaboration on Makilala’s public safety measures and implementation of traffic management during Makilala’s major activities and programs.

Mayor  Caoagdan made the statement during the 13th foundation anniversary celebration of the organization at Barangay Sinkatulan Elementary School social hall  last March 12, 2016 attended by all members in Makilala and other visiting Karancho all over Region 12.

Mayor Caoagdan conveyed his personal gratitude to the Karancho for their undoubting support and unrelentless partnership with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Makilala towards progress and development of the community.

Mayor Caoagdan added that “if we Makilaleños lived the principles that Karancho lives with their five pillars of values that exudes respect one for another then there is no reason that Makilala will not achieve the goals of development that we are aiming for.”

DSC_6705The Karancho had adhered to the five pillars of values to live by with Respect, Humility, Brotherhood, Unity and Camaraderie with the credo of “Respect one another” towards their contribution and involvement in activities of public service and on the nationalistic heritage of a tangible maintenance of peace and order.

Mayor Caoagdan encouraged the members to continue on with their vision and contribution of public service towards the sustainable development and progress of Makilala.

“As partners, together we work forward in our campaign of helping our people to have decent meals three times a day, that we continuously implement the infrastructure projects in our locality and foremost preparing the future of our children that they will be productive and dignified Filipino citizens in the future, “ Mayor Caoagdan concluded. / ocdeseo