DSC_2760In an effort to prevent possible development of disability to any resident of Makilala, Mayor Rudy Caoagdan vowed to strengthen the Health Care Services of the LGU in support to the observance of  Disabilities Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, which started last Monday, July 17, 2017.

Mayor Caoagdan realized that the government was on the right track investing on the health care of the people to ensure deterrence of complications that would lead to possible disabilities.

Mayor Caoagdan assured the Persons with disabilities (PWDs) of Makilala of his untiring support to attend to their needs by providing quality health services to them.

The Chief Executive of Makilala recognizes the contribution of the PWD sector in the development of the community and even in the government service.

He made mention of his admiration to the differently abled persons for their persistence and hard work to excel in different fields despite their disabilities.

He said that the success of the PWD sector in their respective field should serve as realization and inspiration to those who have complete senses to work hard to succeed also in their dreams and aspiration in life.

Mayor Caoagdan led the distribution of the wheelchairs on Wednesday during the culmination program of the week long observance of Disabilities Prevention and Rehabilitation Week to at least 18 beneficiaries, who were PWDs of Makilala.

The Department of Health 12 earlier donated at least 50 brand new wheelchairs to the Municipality of Makilala as its commitment to the LGU in providing services to its constituents. Jpb///.