Our Makilala

Makilala MapThe Municipality of Makilala which is a First Class municipality and formerly a baranggay with a name of “Lamitan” was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 63 issued on September 8, 1954 by then President of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay..

Literally translated the word Makilala means “be known”.

The name was coined from the first syllables of the three big barangays at the time of its founding in September 8, 1954 namely: Malasila, Kisante and Lamitan.

The last syllable La for Lamitan is repeated to emphasize its location as the seat of government.
The name Makilala was proudly conceived by our elders with pride and dignity that this town shall

Makilala is a tagalong word meaning “To be Known” which is derived from the combination of the first syllables of the three big barrios of the area. These are Malasila, kisante and Lamitan and an additional “la” was added to attain its tagalog term.

The municipality of Makilala is located on the south-east portion of Cotabato Province and the last town going to Davao City. It is bounded by the municipality of Kidapawan in the North, Municipality of M’lang in the west, Province of Davao Del Sur in the south and the Municipality of Tulunan in the south-east


Census conducted in 2007 by the National Statistics Office showed a population of 73,498 posting a 2.7% increase from the previous count in the year 2000.
Male population has a total of 38,113 or 51.86% which is up by 3.72% than the female population which is only 35,385 or 48.14% of the total population.