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Makilala is remarkably shaped with flatlands and criss-crossing terrain scattered along hills and plateaus.
The eastern and southern flanks virtually rise to form part of the Mt. Apo western ranges and the chain of mountains towards Davao Del Sur which are Mt. Libadan, Mt. Niponggis, Mt. Pangayasan and Mt. Gap.
Makilala terrain is characterized with varied slopes ranging from 0 – 25%.
Slopes ranging from 0 – 3% are located at the western side and occupies more or less 50 % of the total land area of the municipality.


Total land area = 34, 356.53 hectares The Six largest barangays with a land area of above 1,000 hectares each are:

Name of Barangay     Land Area (Has.)
Barangay Saguing     1, 758. 80 hectares
Barangay Malasila     1, 634. 36 hectares
Barangay Luayon     1, 621. 58 hectares
Barangay  Kisante     1, 379. 09 hectares
Barangay Poblacion     1, 164. 88 hectares
Barangay San Vicente     1, 140. 82 hectares
TOTAL      8,699. 53 hectares

In terms of percentage these Barangays cover 25.32 % of the land area of the municipality.

Makilala is predominantly agriculture with 71.19% or 24,459.15 hectares are devoted to agricultural production.
Mt. Apo reservation covers 6,403.78 hectares or 18.63% of the total land area.
Timber land covers 2,668.82 hectares while the remaining 824.78 hectares are utilized for built-up, commercial, industrial, roads and water bodies.