State of the Municipality Address of Hon. Rudy S. Caoagdan, DPA TOWARDS INCLUSIVE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTState of the Municipality Address delivered by the Honorable Mayor Rudy S. Caoagdan, DPA before the Members of the Sangguniang Bayan on November 7, 2017.

My Fellow Makilaleneos, my dear Colleagues and Fellow Public Servants:

When I entered politics for the first time in 2010 I know the colossal problem that confronted our people. Poverty being in the top list at 47.41 % according to our Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) was at the heart of the challenge. Being an agricultural country the problem was compounded by the widespread condition of unproductive lands in the countryside.

The cost of education was exorbitant considering the figure of poverty threshold as revealed in the CBMS survey. This condition hinders opportunity to develop the capability of our future manpower. I find it very unfortunate because I believe the future belongs to our children. Certainly, they deserve the best opportunity to be developed accordingly in order to gain the capability to manage this society in their own perfect time.

Health condition is another challenge I believe that must be given utmost priority. A sickly population reduces the production potentials of our people. Deprivation of the needed health access signifies the inability of the government to provide basic services to its own people.

These are some of the few challenges that inspire me to push my luck and offer my intent to draw the path of the Makilaleneos towards a new beginning. I believe that responsive governance should see to it that everyone particularly the marginalized has equal opportunity and access to better quality service of the government.

In the campaign sorties I unfolded my dream for Makilala. True enough, you afforded me this opportunity to lead. I thanked all of you for your confidence in my capability despite my being a neophyte in politics. That confidence was even significantly manifested when nobody challenged my bid for re-election in my second term in 2013. And you have proven it when you gave me a reverberating victory for the third time in 2016.

Certainly there is nothing more fulfilling in my stint as a public servant than being afforded the opportunity to shepherd a multitude of some 83,000 Makilaleneos. My term will end sooner than later but our collective journey towards a better Makilala will continue no matter what.

As we commence this final phase of my term as local chief executive I find it as a compelling imperative to communicate with you our present position in relation to the direction we are heading.

In the spirit of accountability I humble myself to resonate our collective accomplishment under the Makilala Rural and Urban Development Initiative (Maki-RUDI) in the pursuit of providing relevant basic services. Before this august body I suppose this information will be passed on to our constituents as an expression of transparency and sincere gesture of inclusive partnership between the government and our people.

My dear friends, my most esteemed colleagues in the Sangguniang Bayan and my fellow Public Servants allow me to relate the following accounts that represent our collective accomplishment in the preceding Fiscal Year.

  1. Accomplishment from the Local Treasury Office
  • Real Property Tax Collection for the Year ended December 2016 amounted to P35, 451,856 representing 138.78 % collection efficiency from the target quota of P25,544,679.
  • Business Taxes, Fees and Charges and Business Enterprise collection performance amounted to P29,952,153.80 representing 100.11 % from the actual target of P29,918,980.00.
  • Such excellent collection performance had placed the municipality of Makilalain Rank Number 1 in the entire province of Cotabato and Rank Number 2 in Region XII as recognized by the Provincial government during the 2017 celebration of theKalivungan Festival and the Department of Budget and Management Region XII respectively.
  • Our local revenue collection was able to boost our Annual Budget by 16.65 %.

For this I thanked the tax payers of Makilala for helping the government perform its function to provide basic services to our people.

  1. Office of the Municipal Budget
  • The 2016 Annual and Supplemental Budget
  1. General Fund


Annual   Budget

Personal Services – 79,166,763.57

Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses – 60,548,541.87

Capital Outlay – 1,242,000.00

20 % ECOFUND – 33,976,298.60

5 % LDRRM – 9,614,074.65

5 % Gender Issue Fund – 9,614,074.65

1 % Local Child Protection Council – 1,698,814.93

1 % PWD/Senior Citizen – 1,698,814.93

Loan Amortization – 4,638,632.05

Aid to Barangay – 38,000.00

Total – 202,236,015.25

  1. Economic Enterprise and Management


Annual   Budget

Personal Services – 4,765,893.58

Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses – 3,566,287.77

Capital Outlay – 68,000.00

Loan Amortization – 2,648,101.16

Total – 11,048,282.51

  1. Special Education Fund


Annual   Budget

Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses – 6,454,183.09

Capital Outlay – 2,800,000.00

Total – 9,254,183.09

  1. Office of the Municipal Assessor
  • Inspection of Real Properties classified as agricultural/commercial /industrial lots
  • Inspected 17 subdivided lots covering 155 parcels and 8 new discoveries with a total of 163
  • Inspection of Residential/Commercial/Industrial buildings with a total of 95 establishments.
  • Routine Functions of the office
  • Issuance of True copy of Tax Declaration – 1,238
  • Certificate of No improvement – 221
  • Approve FA’AS – 768
  • Office and Fields Filing – 27
  1. Municipal Agricultural Services Office (MASO) – the flag bearer of the Makilala Rural and Urban Development Initiative (Maki-RUDI)
  • The Flagship Project on Rubber had planted a total of 3, 401.55 hectares which benefited some 2,223 farmer-beneficiaries.
  • With an estimated productive area of 1,020 hectares at 80 % production efficiency this will produce 408,000 kilos of raw rubber monthly.
  • At the prevailing price of P25 per kilo this converts to a money value of no less than P10.2 M every month

The Rice Program

  • Distributed 384 bags of Certified Rice Seeds amounting to P290,440.00 to 276 farmer-beneficiaries
  • LGU counterpart amounting to P1.1 Million was used to provide Certified Rice Seeds and Fertilizer to 719 farmer – beneficiaries covering an area of 996.8 hectares.

Implementation of Palamayanan Project in Partnership with the Department of Agriculture amounting to P89,740.00

  • This includes distribution of assorted livestock, farm implements and 1 unit collapsible drier.
  • Establishing a Rice Processing Center amounting to P4.5 M. Recipient is BUDASAN Farmers Irrigators Multipurpose Cooperative in Bulakanon.

Corn Program

  • Distribution of 225 bags of OPV corn seeds and 150 bags of Hybrid corn seeds amounting to P270,000.00

The Coffee Project

  • Covers an area of 120 hectares with 75 farmer-beneficiaries
  • Construction of 2 units All-weather drier amounting to P330,000.00
  • Construction of Coffee Roasting Facility amounting to P1.5 M

Cacao Project

  • Planted about 160.25 hectares with 213 farmer – beneficiaries
  • At present we have an estimated 60 hectares of fruit bearing cacao farm in Makilala
  • Provided farm implements and other farm accessories
  • Partnership with DAR-MINSAAD Project

Distributed 19 heads of Carabao and 18 heads of Horses

Distributed 30 units of Sprayer, 1 unit Weighing Scale and other forms of farm equipment amounting to P107,500

  1. Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar
  • Performs a major function of service delivery particularly on documenting legal identity of our individual persons. In 2016 the office was able to issue the following Documents:
  • Birth Certificate————- 1,181
  • Death Certificate ———– 370
  • Marriage Certificate —— 282
  • Acceptance of Marriage Application 223
  • Petition for correction of clerical error under RA 9048
  • Birth ——— 88
  • Marriage —- 10
  • Petition for change of first name — 3
  • Migrant Petition ——- 3
  • Batch Request Entry Query System (BREQS) with PSA – 2,176
  • The office entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Philippine Statistics Authority for the installation of PHILCRIS (Philippine Civil Registration Information System). This is the latest version of civil registry information system used by the Civil Registrar’s Office. It aims to simplify procedure for data entry, coding of data items, searching for records and generation of transmittal files of registry documents.
  1. General Services Office
  • Conducted physical inventory of LGU properties, plant and equipment.
  • This covers all properties issued to employees and officials
  • Submit copies of inventory to Commission on Audit and the office of the Municipal Accountant
  • Perform classification of properties, plant and equipment as to its serviceability.
  • Facilitated renewal of registration of LGU vehicles and all other requisites thereto.
  • Maintained cleanliness and orderliness of the surrounding physical plant of the LGU and monitor usage of LGU properties and equipment.
  • Facilitate procurement and delivery of goods and services and see to it that all procurement conform to the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) of each department.
  • Undertake inspection and acceptance of all approved procurements.
  • Facilitate distribution and delivery of procured items as approved by the Bids and Award Committee (BAC).
  1. Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO)
  • Social Welfare as it mainly concerns with people is a major component in governance. It is the heart of public service and administration. Particularly the local government unit of Makilala had focused at providing services to the poor, marginalized and the disadvantaged sector. The following accounts are records of our accomplishment:
  • Organization and Strengthening of Poor, Marginalized and Disadvantaged Sectors –

These sectors are recipients of various programs and serve to facilitate convenient flow of service delivery.

  • Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) – Makilala Chapter numbering about 4,489 members
  • Persons with Disability Association (PDA) – 1,070 members
  • Pag-Asa Youth Association – 70 members
  • Maki-RUDI Women Support Group – 4,225 members
  • Financial and Food Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation – indigent beneficiaries were provided cash assistance to augment expenses for hospitalization, burial, education, transportation, etc.
  • Served 759 beneficiaries amounting to P2,672, 326
  • To survive the impact of the 2016 drought situation the LGU in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross and the Provincial Government had provided food packs in five waves of Relief Distribution to 20,986 families
  • Program for the Protection of Children – The following accomplishments were made to provide concrete translation of the enactment of SB Ordinance No. 320 – 2016 otherwise known as the Children’s Welfare Code.
  • Provided assistance to 29 Children in Conflict with the Law
  • Assistance to 18 Children in Need of Special Protection and 1 Rape Victim
  • Construction of Gaputanan Youth Center amounting to P800,000 – the center would provide shelter and psycho-social services to Children at Risk and Children in Conflict with the Law.
  • Accredited 16 Child Development Workers including their respective Centers through the assistance of DSWD XII Field Office.
  • Provided augmentation to Honorarium of 68 Child Development Workers amounting P792,000.00
  • Implemented the Supplementary Feeding Program to 1,631 Day Care Children for 120 day-period. This is a program funded by DSWD XII in the amount of P2,112,000
  • Programs Implemented in Partnership with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
  • Cash Subsidy to 2,869 beneficiaries of PantawidPamilyang Pilipino Program (4 Ps) amounting to P28,716,200.00
  • Distributed cash pensions to 1,586 Pensioners under the National Social Pension Program amounting to P10,620,000.00
  • LGU augmentation to 200 Senior Citizens not covered under the National Pension Program under SB Ordinance No. 316 –2016 providing cash pensions amounting to P500 per month and allocating P1,200,000 annually.
  • Our initiatives and local intervention program had accorded the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office as Fully Functional Local Social Welfare and Development and recognized as among the Most Functional Municipal Council for the Protection of Children. We also received distinction in compliance with the Seal of Child Friendly Local Governance by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
  1. Rural Health Unit (RHU)
  • Health services are vital components to enhance the productive potentials of our people. The local government unit of Makilalacommits to continually improve basic health services to benefit our valued constituents. In partnership with the Department of Health we have collectively accomplished the following:
  • Established 35 Barangay recipients ofBotikang Barangay Program each receiving P19,500 for seed capital.
  • Obtained Philhealth Accreditation to provide:
  • Primary Care Benefit Package (PCB)
  • Maternity Care Package (MCP)
  • New born Screening Package
  • TB – DOTS Package
  • Out Patient Malaria Package
  • Recipient of Health Facility Enhancement Program of DOH
  • Renovation of RHU Façade in the amount of 1 Million
  • Construction of Barangay Health Station Birthing Home in Bulakanon
  • Construction of Barangay Health Station in Barangays Concepcion, Luna Norte and New Baguio
  • Approved 11 Million worth construction of Annex Building facility (for implementation)
  • Upgrading of Laboratory services by providing Blood Chemistry Analyzer and HematologyAnalyzer
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies for the operation of Makilala RHU Birthing Home
  • Recipient of Human Resource for Health Deployment Project from DOH
  • Capability Enhancement of RHU Staff on different DOH Program
  • 15 Registered Nurses through the Nurse Deployment Program (NDP)
  • 10 Midwives from the Rural Health Midwife Placement Program
  • 1 Medical Technologist
  • 1 Public Health Associate
  • 1 Universal Health Care Assistant
  • 1 Family Health Assistant
  • Recipient of Projects from Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) Fund
  • Construction of Breastfeeding and Adolescent Room
  • Renovation of a PWD – friendly Comfort Room
  • Renovation of TB – DOTS area
  • Renovation of the Recovery Room of the Birthing Home
  • 1 unit Ambulance
  • 1 unit Van
  1. Municipal Cooperatives and Development Office
  • Established through SB Ordinance No. 249 – 2012 the Municipal Cooperatives and Development Office providesorganizing and technical assistance towards maintaining a viable cooperative movement in Makilala. The mandate of the government is to provide equal opportunity for those who have less to participate in the mainstream of economic development.
  • Facilitated registration of two newly organized cooperatives in 2016 resulting to:
  • Increased the number of operating cooperatives from 12 in 2010 to 30 at present.
  • Expanding the number of cooperative member-users of cooperative business and services to no less than 10,000
  • Combined Asset of P340, 292,340 as of December 31, 2016
  • Combined Share Capital of P90,819,010 as of December 31, 2016
  • Combined volume of business of not less than P350 Million for the year ended December 2016
  • Provided trainings and seminars for capability building of cooperative officers and management staff out of the LGU Fund appropriation of P500,000.
  • Pre-Membership Education Seminar
  • Basic Cooperative Course
  • Cooperative management and governance
  • Running a Successful Board Meeting
  • Risk Management Seminar
  • Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Strategic Planning
  • Provided Three (3) Computer Desktop to 3 identified Primary cooperatives
  • 1 unit computer desktop to Libertad Makilala MPC
  • 1 unit desktop to Makilala Senior Citizens MPC
  • 1 unit desktop to BUDASAN Farmers Irrigators MPC
  • Organized one of the most functional Municipal cooperatives Development Council in the province of Cotabato resulting to the recognition of Mr.LeopoldoDulay as Most Outstanding Cooperative Leader in the 2016 Provincial Cooperative Month Celebration.
  • Recognized the outstanding performance of cooperatives manifesting active growth in business operation resulting to consistent increase in asset and share capital formation. For this we recognized three micro-cooperative (with asset below 3 Million) to have graduated to Small Category (reaching an asset above 3 Million).
  • KutangBato Hauling and Allied Service Cooperative (KUBAHASCO)
  • Pleases Credit Cooperative (PLECCO)
  • Makilala Senior Citizen Multipurpose Cooperative (MSC MPC)
  • Actively participated in various cooperative – related activities in the province resulting to its consistent recognition as partner for community development.
  • Due to the formal creation of a regular municipal cooperatives and development office, Makilala is accorded Special Recognition by the League of Cooperative Officers of the Philippines and the Cooperative Development Authority during the recently concluded National Tripartite for Cooperative Development in Iloilo City last September 20, 2017.
  1. Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office
  • Validation – Inspection and Certification
  • Inspected and validated 190 tree-cutting applications within the titled/tax declared lands
  • Endorsed the registration of 22 Chainsaws owned by different Makilala residents and/or operating within Makilala Area of Responsibility
  • Validated and endorsed Two (2) quarry sites establishment
  • Forest and Watershed Protection
  • Captured Three (3) Conveyances (1 Fuso Canter, 1 Isuzu Elf, 1 Rio Sadam Ten-Wheeler Truck) loaded with illegally cut logs. The Rio now fortified by government; the Two others awaiting agency final decisions. The combined values of the Three conveyances is more or less P2 Million.
  • Patrolled the Forest lands of Cabilao-Magsaysay and the Villaflores-Malabuan corridors for instances of violations. Also patrolled the Old Bulatukan-New Israel-Biangan-Batasan-Buenavida-Buhay Mt. Apo Forest Nature Park corridor.
  • Captured Two (2) Chainsaws operating illegally
  • Attended RTC court hearings and DENR administrative hearings relative to illegal logging and Kaingin offences
  • Mt. Apo Nature Park Protection
  • Participated in Mt. Apo Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) Quarterly Meetings
  • Makilala LGU, through the MENRO and KabalikatCivicom, served as Mt. Apo monitoring Group for the PAMB, at the peak of Mt. Apo during the 2016 Summer Climb.
  • Logged some 998 climbers, and was tasked to retrace later for PAMB the Trekkers who camped at the area where the forest fire started, mainly at Sta. Cruz, Davao Sur Climbers. Provided part of the inputs to PAMB’s eventual temporary closure of Mt. Apo and the no-camping at the peak policy.
  • Documented the state of 16 Davao del Sur Rivers as compared to that of the Makilala-Kidapawan-Magpet water bodies before the Summer 2016 Forest Fire happened.
  • Airshed Protection
  • Effected the closure of pollutant charcoal making activities at the RNF Wood Processing Plant Waste Material Dumpsite by scavengers.
  • Dole Stanfilco Plantation Monitoring
  • Attended Multi-sectoral Monitoring Team (MMT) meetings and fled inspection within its North Cotabato Zone, to ensure their compliance to environmental policy.
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Attended Two (2) DENR – EMB ESWMB Trainings in Cotabato City and Koronadal City respectively.
  • 2017 – 2018 Target

The Solid Waste Management concern is our focus next year, we will consider acquiring a 6 – in – 1 Heavy Equipment (Dozer, Backhoe, Loader, Grader, Compactor, Road Roller) to serve full time at our Dumpsite Facility in Leboce. This is to ensure compliance with RA 9003 or the ESWM Law of 2000.

Makilala Vocational and Technical Training Center

  • By virtue of SB Ordinance No. 223 – 2012, the Makilala Vocational and Technical Training Center was established to provide technical trainings with NC II Certificates duly accredited by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
  • In 2016 the training center provided technical trainings on Automotive NC II, Driving NC II, Rubber Production Technology NC II, Cookery NC II and other short courses.

Makilala Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

  • Established by virtue of SB Ordinance No. 275 – 2014 the Makilala Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) offers the following baccalaureate degree courses with appropriate government permits and recognition:
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Bachelor of Public Administration.
  • Associate degree courses offered are Associate in Computer Technology and Diploma in Midwifery.
  • Last November 4 – 5, four of our graduates in Diploma in Midwifery took the Licensure Examination for Midwives. We are waiting for the result and we are pretty hopeful to get a 100 % passing rate for our first batch of graduates.
  • By virtue of CHED Commission en Banc Resolution No. 436 – 2017, MIST finally obtained government recognition as number 16 in the category ofHigher Education Institution (HEI) among the 121 established local colleges and universities in the country.
  • In terms of Faculty Profile MIST has a strength of 26 Full Time and 16 Part Time faculty members bringing a total of 42. In terms of academic qualification 14 are equipped with appropriate Bachelors Degree, 22 with corresponding Masters Degree and 6 with Doctorate degree.
  • MIST is recognized by the Department of Education as Senior High School Provider in its K – 12 program. MISTis a stand-alone Senior High School provider that offers grades 11 and 12 for the following Academic Tracks:
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
  • General Academic Strand (GAS)
  • Current enrolment for college – 871 and Senior High school – 325 bringing a total of 1,196 students all enjoying free college and high school education.
  • Possible New Programs to be offered in School Year 2018 – 2019 pending Board endorsement and CHED approval
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BS Crim)
  • Bachelor of Trade and Technology Education (BTTE)
  • Graduate School Program
  • Instructional and Physical Facilities
  • While we are presently utilizing the LGU compound as college campus and classroom facilities, the preparation of the four – hectare school site at Barangay Concepcion is now taking place and we are expecting to gradually relocate our college campus in that area starting next school year.
  • At present the following construction and on-going development are underway:
  • 2 – classroom building funded through the initiative of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri (Completed and ready for use)
  • 8 – classroom funded out of the LGU fund is scheduled for bidding (Construction will soon follow)
  • The 2 – Million worth of Architectural Plan is scheduled to proceed
  • Area for Tissue Culture laboratory has already been Geo-tag which has to be funded by the Department of Agriculture
  • A 5 M worth construction of Gymnasium to be funded by the Provincial Government as per approved SP Ordinance No. 700 dated October 3, 2017 will soon commence.

In terms of enriching our Curriculum towards Academic Excellence we have forged partnership for internship and practicum program with various establishments operating in line with the major fields of our program offering.

Municipal Engineering Office

  • To complement our development initiatives, our Municipal Engineering Office is pushing hard to implement various infrastructure projects ranging from roads, bridges, multipurpose buildings, etc. The following figures are consolidated accomplishments of infrastructure projects all over the 38 Barangays.
  • Concreting of inclined portions of Farm – to – Market roads of different Barangays funded under DA – PAMANA 2 program in the amount of 3.6 M
  • Buenavida, Cabilao, Katipunan II, Kawayanon, Luayon, Old Bulatukan, Batasan, Buhay, Garsika, Indangan, Malasila and Sinkatulan
  • Rehabilitation of Buhay road funded under BUB – DILG program in the amount of 2M
  • Construction/Improvement of 2.16 kilometersPoblacion – Saguing Farm – to – Market Road funded under BUB – DA Program in the amount of 11,531,544
  • Concreting/Rehabilitation of 3.48 kilometers of inclined portions of Farm – to – Market roads of different Barangays funded through the 20 % EDF in the amount of 3 M
  • Barangays Bato, Biangan, Indangan, Jose Rizal, Malabuan, Malungon, New Baguio, Rodero, Sta. Felomina and Saguing.
  • Concreting of Poblacion road sections funded through the 20 % EDF in the amount of 2,261,122.94.
  • Calis St., Mabini St., RL Ipong St. and B. Aquino St.
  • Municipal – wide road maintenance funded through the 20 % EDF amounting to 3.8 M
  • Construction of various multipurpose buildings and pavement funded through the 20 % EDF in the amount of 12.1 M
  • Municipal Slaughter House and Youth Development Center at Sitio New Corella, Poblacion
  • Evacuation Centers at Barangays Batasan, Buenavida, Buhay, Bulakanon, Cabilao, Garsika, Kisante,Luayon, Luna Norte, Luna Sur, Malasila, New Bulatukan, New Israel, New Cebu, Poblacion, Sto. Niño, Villaflores and San Vicente
  • Improvement of Potable Water Supply covering municipal – wide services funded through the 20 % EDF in the amount of 5.4 M
  • Construction of concrete pavement, renovation and improvement of different school buildings funded through the Special Education Fund (SEF) in the amount of 2,599,992
  • Biangan ES, Buenavida ES, Buenavida HS, Bulakanon ES, Jose Rizal ES, Jose Rizal HS, Kisante CES, Kisante HS, Luna Sur ES, Makilala National HS, Makilala CES, Saguing CES, Saguing HS, Singkatulan ES
  • Construction of Multipurpose buildings in different Barangays funded through the DA – PAMANA 2, DSWD – DILG and BUB – DILG programs in the amount of 4.15 M
  • Barangays Jose Rizal, Luna Norte, Malabuan, New Baguio, New Israel, Rodero, Saguing, StaFelomina, Sto. Niño, Taluntalunan, Villaflores and a Senior Citizen Building and Evacuation Center at the LGU compound.
  • Projects Implemented in Partnership with the Provincial Government and the Department of Public Works and Highways
  • Concreting of Provincial and Municipal road sections with a total length of 16.52 kilometers covering Barangays San Vicente, Guangan, Luna Sur, Luna Norte, Kawayanon, Leboce, Bulakanon, Taluntalunan, Libertad, Saguing, Poblacion, Rodero, Old Bulatukan, New Israel and Villaflores
  • Total length of roads accomplished in 2016 covered no less than 172.42 kilometers which include concreting of 20.42 kilometers and rehabilitation of 152 kilometers.

Municipal Planning and Development Office

  • In 2016 the MPDO embarked on a priority project which is the Implementation of Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS). The project has a total cost of P2.97 M which is shared between the LGU (1.2 M) and the BUB – DILG (1.77 M) funds.
  • The implementation in 2017 took place seven years after the last CBMS was conducted in 2010 which result was revealed during my first term as local Chief Executive. The Challenge then was that our Poverty incidence rose as high as 47.41 % and Food threshold at 27.39 %.
  • Facing the challenge, we embarked on a governance program now popularly known as the Makilala Rural and Urban Development Initiative (Maki-RUDI) whose components are aimed at eradicating poverty through increased productivity in agriculture and industry, capacitating our manpower resources by opening access to basic and tertiary education, improved health condition by providing access and opportunity for all to acquire the needed health services.
  • The latest CBMS revealed the following:
  • Household with income below Poverty – 39.50 % down by 7.91 % in 2010
  • Household with income below Food Threshold – 22.6 % down by 4.79 % in 2010
  • Household experiencing Food shortage – 0.90 % (1 household for every 100)
  • Unemployed members of the labor force – 3.30 % (3 for every 100 are unemployed)
  • Victims of Crimes 0.5 % (1 in every 200 – significantly low)
  • Children age 6 – 12 not attending elementary 19.6 % (This is alarming considering our free basic education policy)
  • Children age 13 – 16 not attending high school 25.30 % (still alarming)
  • Household with no access to safe water 12.5 % (for further consideration)
  • Household with no sanitary toilets 3.6 % (for further consideration)
  • What do these figures mean to us? Somehow the poverty and food threshold incidence are still relatively high. However the good thing is that we are able to hold it down a little bit. In terms of relevance we can say that our programs and initiatives are on the right track while we may not be able to see its immediate impact this early.
  • It is also significant to note that the unemployed members of ourlabor force is as low as 3.3 % meaning there is job available even in the countryside.
  • While the challenge remain in the area of our children who are out of school despite the program for free basic education and free college education that we provide.
  • I urge our Barangay officials to further evaluate this figure in their respective areas of responsibility. Identify who are they and your recommendation might as well provide us a better strategy to develop a program for our children knowing that in their hands are entrusted the future of Makilala.

Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management

  • The wrath of nature is beginning to claim its toll in forms of lives and property. Responsive governance should not take it for granted. The cost is high if we go complacent. To prepare ourselves for any untoward eventuality I am reiterating to all Barangays the mandatory crafting of your respective Disaster Risk Mitigation Plan.
  • At present our Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Team is pre-occupied with training and organizing volunteers in every Barangay to serve as first line of rescue volunteers. Every Barangay should consider it a top priority to provide support.
  • All Barangays should have a designated evacuation area which intent should be properly communicated to all people. Education and training is a must for there is no substitute to relevant knowledge and information.


  • Our tourism potentials and development is now unfolding its doors outside of Makilala. While there are more prospects to be opened our existing attractions have gained recognition and patronage of both local and foreign guests.
  • At the close of 2016 for instance, our New Israel Tourist destination had registered no less than 30,150 arrivals.
  • This provides us relevant input to further develop the rest of our eco-tourist potentials like the Sanggawan Hot Spring in Batasan, Sta. Felomina and Taluntalunan Riverside Pool which already gained recognition by local and nearby guests.

Office of the Municipal Accountant

  • The following account of our cash flow for the previous Fiscal Year may provide us a picture of our fiscal management.
  1. General Fund

Beginning Balance, 2015 7,128,201.74


Internal Revenue Allotment 170,354,859.00

Local Revenue  38,840,810.12                         209,195,669.12

____________ _____________

Total Available Funds  216,323,870.86

Less: Disbursement

Personal Services 83,133,443.02

Other MOOE 99,677,776.20

Loans Payable  4,376,813.60

Capital Outlay 9,948,538.14                              197,136,570.96

_____________  _____________

Year-End Balance 19,636,070.24

Add: Continuing Appropriation 18,523,418.02

Less: Implemented Projects 11,890,070.48         6,633,347.54

______________ ____________

Surplus (2016) 26,269,417.78


  1. Special Education Fund

Beginning Balance, 2015 4,254,183.09

Add: Income (Local Revenue) 8,818,774.16        8,818,774.16

_____________ _____________

Total Available SEF 13,072,957.25

Less: Disbursement

Personal Services 0.00

Liabilities 3,001,307.11

Other MOOE 2,469,847.99

Capital Outlay  234,742.75             5,705,897.85

____________ ____________

Year – End Balance 7,367,059.40

Add: Continuing Appropriations 900,000.00

Less: Implemented Projects 0.00    900,000.00

____________ ____________

Surplus (2016) 8,267,059.40


  1. Trust Fund

Beginning Balance – Active Account 75,347,177.63

Add: Receipts 46,665,246.27

Total 122,012,423.90

Less: Projects Implemented as of 2016  73,223,627.46

Balance December 31, 2016    48,788,796.44


What needs to be done next?

Development does not necessarily end with accomplishment. It is in fact a continuing process which takes place in the cycle of planning – implementation – Assessment/evaluation–Planning. In the years ahead we are bound to embark on the following infrastructure projects:

  • Cite development of our Public Cemetery. We plan to develop a memorial type burial ground complete with structures orderly arranged for convenience of the public.
  • Concreting of New Cebu – Garsika road.
  • Completion of Class “AA”Slaughter House at Sitio New Corella.
  • Implementation of P81 M Circumferential Farm – to – Market Road connecting Malabuan – Bato – Malungon – Lacobe to be funded by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).
  • Procurement and installation of a CCTV within the offices and vicinity of the local government center.
  • Our engagement with GawadKalinga through a Memorandum of Agreement is expected to reap benefits in the succeeding years. This partnership aims to develop the social entrepreneurial potentials of our people in the Barangay.

Our objective to increase efficiency in government service is always on top of our priorities. To realize this, the local government boarded on a journey of joining the organizations achieving international standards (ISO). At present all departments are focused at crafting on their work procedures and align them to conform to the required standard in order to provide convenience and client satisfaction in service delivery. We are due for an external evaluation by the accrediting body by December and hopeful to get an ISO accreditation by January of 2018.

In closing My fellow Makilaleneos and friends, I have just accounted the collective accomplishments that we did for the past Fiscal Year. I have laid down the things that are yet to take place. I know there are more things that need to be done and the challenge is still unrelenting.

I cannot leave this podium without recognizing the valued support of all groups and individuals who share the sentiment and commitment of our development program. Specifically I would like to thanked:

The 38 Barangay Councils with their respective Punong Barangays. I would like to thank you for the vital role you playas conduit of the services down to our constituents.

The provincial government through the Honorable Governor Emmylou Taliño – Mendoza and the HonorableSangguniangPanlalawigan. Various infrastructure projects like roads, Multipurpose buildings, Water supply and technology transfer were made to augmentthe development that we push under our program.

The representation of our very own Second District Representative the Honorable Nancy Catamco for her valued initiative in the House of Representatives to find allocations for various infrastructure projects in different Barangays of Makilala.

Peace and order situation had been haunting us for decades. We know pretty well that our development efforts however relevant and effective will never serve its purpose if our safety is continuously threatened by war and criminality. For the maintenance of peace, order and security in Makilala I would like to thank the 39th IB and the Philippine National Police for their steadfast performance and commitment in doing their duty. Such heroic display of commitment deserves no less than our salute and recognition.

And most of all I know that this administration can never be this effective in pursuing our development programs without the commitment and cooperation of our colleagues in the Sanguniang Bayan. To our esteemed members of this august body headed by the HonorableVice Mayor Ricky A. Cua, in behalf of the people of Makilala please accept my most heartfelt gratitude for passing the ordinances that made our program meaningful. The implementation of the agricultural enhancement program, Makilala Vocational and Technological Training Center, Makilala Institute of Science and Technology, Pension to Senior Citizens not Covered by the National Pension Program, the Children’s Code and many more relevant pieces of legislation that provided benefit to our people. For all of these noble undertakings, thank you.

In closing thus, I urge all of you to join me particularly in the fight to end poverty. The thrust to educate and train our children is the only way to ease the burden of ignorance and liberate our people from the quagmires destitution. All of our development efforts are the fastest conveyance to reach our goal for inclusive growth and development forMakilala.

As I said earlier my term is about to end as I have just one more SOMA to deliver. However our journey towards achieving a better Makilala will continue. No matter what the future may bring my commitment remains with you. In whatever capacity I will do the best for you.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.